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You must have heard, “First Impression is the last impression” well how does it apply here? When it comes to impressions brands get the same time as humans. It takes only 5 seconds for a human to judge and it takes 8 more impressions to change that judgment in case of a bad impression. But your brand does not have this time. You need to attract people at a glance. How’s it possible? In 5 seconds a person scans your website or your physical shop, but what’s the one thing that tackles most of that 5 seconds? You guessed it right, the Logo and the name. If your business has a crisp, ideal name but a poor logo will fail to get that spark. People love colors and creativity, so when it comes to logo designing you should be very careful with it. It is advised to connect with professionals like us, as we have a creative team.
In Nova Design Agency, an entire team works on generating a single logo. This might seem weird but there are tons of rules to consider before designing a logo.

You can think of us as mindreaders, we know exactly what the customer wants and what suits your brand. Therefore, we provide the most engaging, sales-driving logo in a simple format for you to use anytime and anywhere.

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  • Custom Logo Design

    Having a logo that depicts your niche is the essential aspect that governs your business’s prosperity. Being among the most preeminent logo designing service providers, we take immense pride in providing bespoke services to our valuable clients. Knowing how crucial it is for you to maintain a distinguished brand identity, we cater to your logo designing needs exclusively to help your brand stand out. Our custom logo designing solely aims to help you design a logo that accords well to your business, explicitly!

  • Animated Logo Design

    Witnessing the exponentially growing competition, maintaining a robust identity is rightfully deemed a grim process. If you are the one struggling to hold your audience and finding it hard to grab their attention, then you are certainly in luck to be here! Out team of expert animated logo designers give your brand the exquisite touch it deserves. We provide you with animated logos that nurture your identity while taking your brand repute up a few notches.

  • 3D Logo Design

    Our 3D logo designers' team aims to provide you with impressive and engaging logo trends that leave an everlasting impression. We design 3D logos as per latest trends and have the capability to provide your brand the rightfully deserved spotlight to outshine your competitors. Our innovatively designed 3D Illustrations and designs are alluring and helps you keep your audience engaged while provoking them to explore more.

  • Custom Illustration

    Leveraging on advanced designing tools and efficient designers, we provide digital solutions that cater to all ventures with profound efficacy! Our highly classified team of custom illustration designers will help you establish a repute that is not only everlasting but will also help you become the jack of digital agencies. Nova Design Agencys accompany some of the most experienced designers that can help your brand achieve a distinctive identity, enabling you to outshine the rest!


Let's overview the scenario from the mind of a customer. A customer walks in, two shops are selling the same stuff. What will the customer look for? The environment, the BRAND image. People like to buy from brands, if your shop has your name written in a generic font you might lose the potential customer. This goes the same for the internet as well.


You might be thinking why do you need an entire team to design a logo for you? Let us elaborate, we are professionals. What we do is design logos, we know the niche deeply and are creative as well. We have worked on numerous projects and have gained experienced enough to deliver the best logos, logos that work well, and logos that gain attention. Multiple key factors need to be considered while designing a logo take a look at two of them.


We want people to remember you, this is only possible if your logo enchants their memories. We do this by using colors that are easy on the eye and leave a lasting effect on minds. We have some secret tactics that help us identify what your audience likes.


Simplicity is the key, we keep the logos as simple as we can. Simple yet attractive is the goal and we achieve that goal with you. We keep you involved in the logo designing process, we take your inputs and brainstorm with you. It is your logo we want it to represent you and your business. Our designers are capable of bestowing their designs with a soul and when this happens the outputs are magical.
We have addressed two important ingredients from our secret recipe, for more you'll have to collaborate with Nova Design Agency, the best logo designing agency around!

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I’m glad to work with Nova Design Agency. They did an amazing job with my website design and I find it quite responsive. They walked extra miles with me to fully comply my business needs! I would definitely recommend them to my colleagues!

Becky W
Brown Bacons

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Our clients simply love our work

I used to be a small business owner, I had contacted them for logo 5 years back. And today I have 5 franchises across the North. It’s all possible because to their assistance.

Terrance Cole
Jimmy’s Chicky Chip

our testimonial

Our clients simply love our work

I had a website and social media pages for my business but I still thought digital world was not for me. Then one day I landed up at Nova Design Agency and everything changed.

Sarah Miller
Dairy Dose

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